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    Facts of the trip

    Package Name: Tibet Lhasa Tour
    Group Size: N/A
    Highest Access of the Trek: N/A
    Grade: N/A
    Note / Best Time: N/A
    Accommodation: N/A
    Culture: N/A
    Duration: 4 days
    Entry: N/A
    Exit: N/A

    Lhasa Tour will lead participants through the ancient city of Lhasa. This wondrous city is generally regarded as the heart of Tibet and is filled with unparalleled history, culture, and beauty. The Potala Palace dominates the skyline with its powerful and ancient architecture. The numerous temples and monasteries surrounding the city, such as the Jokhang and Drepung, allow travelers to experience Tibetan Buddhism first hand. A visit to these ancient monasteries will leave you with a sense of astonishment for years to come.

    Day 01: Flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa’s airport (Gonkar) by China southwest airlines and drive 96km to Lhasa city.

    Day 02: Visit in Drepung monastery, Norbu linka and Jhokang temple.

    Day 03: Visit in Potala Palace & Sera monastery.

    Day 04: 96 km drives from Lhasa city to Gonkar airport and fly to Kathmandu.

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